Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Food Journal 8-20- Office Party

I gave into the office party treats today. I should have stayed away.

Plain greek yogurt/mixed frozen berries/truvia

When I got to work, I found out that an office party for a coworker that is getting married was this morning. It was originally set for later in the week, but he was taking off for the rest of the week and the party was moved. I should have avoided the food, but I gave in.
3 sausage balls
garlic cheese grits
mini chic-fil-a biscuit
cream cheese pastry

Lunch- I brought my lunch, but once again gave into the office treats
Broccoli and cheese (Green Giant) this was the only thing from my packed lunch that I ate.
Garlic Cheese grits
3 sausage balls
cream cheese pastry

Snack- Even with all the extra food, I was still hungry around 4.
Kashi pumpkin granola bar

Dinner- (my favorite meal)
Ground Turkey w/organic taco seasoning
shredded lettuce
onions (lots)
bell pepper (steamed)
plain greek yogurt

After Dinner Snack-
chai w/vanilla almond milk

My workout today consisted of about 2 hours of yard work. Lots of raking, bending over, and walking. I am not counting it toward my 30 workouts goal, but I do think it was a good workout.


  1. I LOVE those Kashi pumpkin granola bars!! They are so hard to find around here!!

    1. Tommy found them for me the other day. I love anything pumpkin. :)